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Manufacturing Top Quality Tire Repair Equipment for over 40 years
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A collection of cars we've renovated with passion


Top Products...

Tire Bead Seaters

Adjustable Tire Cart

Model 39ED 

39" Diameter Tank

Air Powered Tire & Tube Dunkers

Model EZ-1F 

Patent #6,530,584

Light Weight Aluminium Tanks

Pneumatic Valve

Push Button Release

Two Handles

Pressure Release

Pop-off Valve for Safety 

Model EZ-110D

"Moving Tire Stacks has never been easier"
"Finds the missing Leak"

Truck Tire Dunker with Lift

5 Gallon/18L- Model #BS-5GA
10 Gallon/36L~ Model #BS10GA
Simple Operation & Design
Only 5 moving parts

Submerges Entire Wheel & Tire Tube Horizontally underwater.  

Model 55T
55" Diameter Tank
Power UP
Power Down
Tire Cart & Misc Part Breakdowns
"Caster Kit & Ball Valve Included"
"Shown with Optional Caster Kit & Ball Valve"

"Wonder Pumps for Every Service"

Calcium. Methanol. Anti-Freeze & Much More
Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps by the same High Quality Manufacturer
Wonder Pump

Model 30A-Plus

Model 25A
Pump for Oil Products

Model G25-AN

"Low Cost Manuel Spreader"
Air Operated Truck Tire Spreader
Tire Spreaders +Plus
"The ideal Tire
 Repair Machine"
Air Operated Truck Tire Spreader wtih Lift
Model EZM-50
Model EZ-RVT
Model EZM-150
Model EZ- T/L
White Wall Washing Station
Model WWS-26

Hydraulic Tire Bead Breakers & Pumps

10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Pumps
Model BB-501
Hydraulic Bead Breaker

5" opening -Clamping foot to breaking shoe

Works on any 10,000 PSI air Hydraulic Pump

All external parts replaceable

Hydraulics' repairable

No Bead or rim damage, Breaks Bead Smoothly

10 Tons of bead breaking force

Model AHP-2Q
2 Quart Capacity
Model AHP-5Q
5 Quart Capacity
Mount/ Demount Tools
Model EZT-100D
Demount Tool
Model EZ- B/B
Ram Bar, Bead Breaker
Model EZT-400D
Super Single Demount Tool
Model EZ-BH
Rubber Coated Bead Holder
Model EZT-200M
Mount Tool
Air Hydraulic Jacks
JACK 35T.jpg
Model BRJ-006-PHBJ
50 Ton Air/Hyd
Mobile Bottle Jack
New Product
Model BRJ-003-PHBJ
Model BRHAFJ-002
35 Ton Air/Hyd
Floor Jack
Model BRHAFJ-001
22 Ton Air/Hyd
Floor Jack
20 Ton Air/Hydraulic Jack
Double Spring Return

Shop Tools - Accessories - Parts

Model TR40RG
Tire Regroover
Tire Gauge
Model DT-120
Dial Tire Inflator with Gauge
Model EZ-T1230
Air Vacuum, Kit Model
Model VAC-1
Model MT-1900L
1" Dr Impact Wrench
6' Shaft
Rear Exhaust
Torque Multiplier
7/16" Chuck HD Low Speed Buffer
Model EZ-AB2500
European Wheel Bolt Alignment Studs
14MM    1.5 Thread Pitch
14MM-A 1.25 Thread Pitch
12MM    1.5 Thread Pitch
12MM-A 1.25 Thread Pitch
"Blades Available"
Truck Tire Dollies
Model PHG-053A
Portable Tire Display
Model TRSM-021
Model MT-500L
1/2" Dr Impact Wrench
Model MT-650S 
Model MT-650L

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MTP Inc started in 1976 by Patrick C Lucy (Originally the Patrick C. Lucy Co)  assembling Ballast Pumps for the AG Tire Industry.  As the years progressed, and needs changing we continued to add new and innovative products to our ever growing inventory!  Our eye always on our customers desire for the best quality and cost effective products in the market!

Family owned and operated since 1976, Bill J. Lucy took over operations in the 1990's and has excelled at bringing great customer service and along with the same innovative products!  


Contact US

PO Box 16054

Bellemont, AZ 


Phone: 800-645-1123


Fax:     800-468-1775




Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Closed on Holidays


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